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Specialty glass vinyl installation

A major part of all the jobs that we do evolve in this or that way around all kinds of vinyl films. We can apply literally any self-adhesive product onto any surface it has been designed for. Walls, glass, floors, concrete, metal, vehicles - everything can be covered with graphics.
But what comes as a surprise sometimes is that we also deal with a lot of film types that technically don't belong to the signage and graphics world. These are solar and UV control films(commercial and residential tinting), safety and security film, frosted, etched and other decorative glass films like Fasara, Di-Noc architectural film products.
We've mastered our application process and can guarantee the perfect result.
Let's talk about these products in details:

Solar and UV control films. Tinting.

We don't tint cars but we do commercial and residential tinting installation. Whether it is just a couple windows in a house or a couple floors in TD Tower, we can do it. There is probably no need to name all the benefits of having the windows tinted, from better energy efficiency to eliminating the harmful effect of the UV rays on your skin. We do both outside and inside commercial tinting depending on the product chosen for a project.

Safety and Security Film

Luckily Canada is not too overwhelmed with crime but still extra security never hurts. These products will deter a criminal or a vandal from breaking in through the easiest entry point - glass windows. The thicker the film, the more difficult it will be to break the glass. At most malls and at stores located in the downtown core having safety film installed on the glass windows is absolutely necessary to prevent the smash and grab incidents. The film is very thick and it is quite difficult to install. At Toronto Sign Services we've been trained for this type of installations and we have all the specialty tools for this.

Frosted privacy film

This is a big part of our business actually. Most offices need to add privacy to the glass partition walls and doors, this is where frosting comes into play. For many years instead of the actual sand blasting all sorts of decorative window films have been used to achieve the necessary results. The vinyl comes in many textures and patterns and can be additionally die-cut to create real masterpieces of architecture.
From the installation point of view this film requires a lot of skills and tremendous attention to details. It is extra thin and fragile and very demanding to the surface preparation. We are installing thousands square feet of these films ever year and know how to do it right.

Di-Noc Architectural vinyl

This is a very narrow segment of self-adhesive products mostly manufactured by 3M used in adding luxury look to architectural elements and furniture. Wood grain, marble, metals, decorative plastic and other effects can be achieved. Mostly it is applied at hotels, restaurants, high-end condos and reception areas.
The film is very expensive and the installation has to be done by a professional installer to achieve that perfect look and no vinyl failures along the way.

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